Dingbats* Pro B5 160gsm Bee Notebook

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Style: B5 (17.6 x 25 cm) / Plain

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BB Jasper
My favorite journals/sketchbooks

I use Dingbats for a variety of uses and reasons : bullet journaling, sketchbook and small ink drawings, homemade ink testing and documenting, as well as other journaling needs. The paper quality, and overall quality, is great for my needs. I found Dingbats when searching for a vegan journal. Not only are they vegan but all around earth/eco friendly. It’s a company dedicated to the preservation of our beautiful earth and all inhabitants. The quality was a great bonus on top of all that.

Clare Shepherd
Dingbats* Pro B5 160gsm Bee Notebook

This is my go to B5 notebook. It has a nice feeling cover, beautiful fountain freely paper, and is reasonably priced for the quality. They come with two ribbon bookmarks and a penloop, ideal. I love Dingbats as they are a friendly, traditional company and all their products are good.

Erik Grunsten
Excellent Product

I got this notebook for my various doodles and design ideas. Paper quality and binding is excellent. If you end up doodling in your bujos, I heavily recommend this one. Great size; though I also love the smaller A5 that Dingbats put out.

Severina Špakovska

Dingbats* Pro B5 160gsm Bee Notebook

I got a „Bee“ notebook as a gift. I am a beekeeper and like it very much.
Fun to write and sketch in it

Found a fiew minoe paper/print flaws, as I am a quality expert in this. Mo from Dingbats took immediately care for it with an hands on investigation to avoid in future even these very little minuses - you would not even have recognized as a non expert. That is customer care at its best! Thanks.

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