Dingbats* A5+ Wildlife Green Deer Notebook

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Size: A5+ (16 x 21.5 cm)
Ruling: Dot Grid

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Alice G.
Excellent quality paper, lovely design

Best notebook on the market in terms of quality and ethics. I really value the environmental consciousness.

I am enjoying using my Dingbats* wildlife notebook for bullet journalling. As such, I wish there were an option for non perforated pages on the wildlife notebooks. The earth/pro books are not quite right for me, but a non-perforated wildlife would be ideal.

Stella F.
Best notebook by far!

I've had several Dingbats notebooks, but I think this is one of the most beautiful designs from the wildlife collection; the green colour of the notebook is gorgeous! If you've used a Dingbats notebook before you know the paper is smooth and wonderful to write on. Such high-quality notebooks! They are definitely worth the price if you ask me and will always be my #1 choice.

Nichole Gagne

I literally started bullet Journaling last month so I am certainly no expert. But I saw someone on YouTube using this notebook and she highly recommended it. I did a quick look at my Barnes and noble and target and really didn’t find anything that met my demands. But this notebook… it’s everything! Checks off all the boxes (vegan, eco friendly, high quality) so I was sold. I got the dotted paper for easier bullet journal entries. Every pen glides so nicely on the paper and it’s not see through. The book stays open, never flops shut while you’re using it. It’s beautiful and looks great out on my nightstand. It’s perfect and I will be looking to dingbats if I ever need any other type of notebook!

Willow Baxter
Great notebook!

Bought the notebook about a month ago and have been using it for bullet journalling. It's really high quality paper, not too thin either and plenty of pages. I really like that these notebooks are slightly wider than regular sizes because it gives a couple extra columns and has made some spreads much neater. Plus this notebook helps charitable organisations and I can't complain with that.

Jane Mandal
Just the best notebook!

This is my second Dingbat notebook - and having tried just about all of the choices out there, I can honestly say these are my favourite. They cope really well with my heavy fountain pen writing.
The only downside is my own fault, as I accidentally ordered the dotted paper instead of lined - but I’ll still use it! Not a bullet journal fan I’m afraid - just a keen journal keeper. Can highly recommend these lovely quality books.

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