Dingbats* A5+ Wildlife Blue Whale Notebook

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Size: A5+ (16 x 21.5 cm)
Ruling: Dot Grid

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5 Stars!

The journal is fantastic- it has an amazing feel and the quality is great! I really love this company and their cause, it adds so much to know that you're buying from a company that cares about the environment and conservation. The journal itself has nice pages, lays flat open (super helpful), and has tear away pages as well. Great product and great company!

Sustainable Shane

Love the notebook! It's very easy to write in, durable, and best of all sustainable!

Sally Reynolds

Dingbats* A5+ Wildlife Blue Whale Notebook

Caitlin Andrews

Dingbats* A5+ Wildlife Blue Whale Notebook

Brendan Mooney
Simply the best notebooks ever

Earlier this year I turned 54 years old. I know, how did that happen?

And despite working for a tech company (I started as a software engineer) I still love to write stuff down - notes from meetings, preparation for a document or presentation, or just organising my thoughts. I cover 5-6 pages per day. And I have been doing that for pretty much all of my career - which is now 30+ years.

So I have used lots of notebooks, often several every year, so my accolade of ‘best ever’ is not made lightly.

Why the ‘best ever’?

1/ I’m an ink guy, so this is the first notebook where there is no bleed from the ink - 100 GSM paper is the trick. You get to use both sides of the paper.

2/ the cream paper is also a delight to write on - smooth, feels lovely against your writing hand. Some of the notebooks come with indexes, colour tabs - for when you want to get uber-organised.

3/ I’ve opted for the A5+ size - it’s a little smaller than I would like, but the A4+ is too big (although I did have a brief dalliance) - the covers are hard-wearing and after 4-5 months at the bottom of my satchel, there are almost as good as new.

4/ I like the company - I’ve been a customer for 3+ years, and it is a delight to see a company extolling the strong values - vegan, climate, wildlife - love it. I also sent a query a few weeks ago (looking for a recommendation for loose-leaf paper), and got a response from one of the owners within 24 hours, even though there was no benefit to Dingbats. Love it x 2.

Well done Team Dingbats!


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