Dingbats* A5+ Wildlife Green Deer Notebook

SKU: D5023G

Size: A5+ (16 x 21.5 cm)
Ruling: Dot Grid

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Michael Ulloa
Excellent value and QUALITY for the money

This is the third Dingbats dotted journal I've owned in the past three years. In a pandemic where everything turned digital, I turned to analog paper. When you compare value-for-money, no other brand meets the quality of a leather-bound book with a pen holder and quality pages as Dingbats. Other brands pages bleed ink through several pages or need you to "upgrade" for a simple pen holder that is standard everywhere else. And Dingbat's support to the environment is just a solid "plus". I have tried other brands (leuchtturm, staples, off-brand, etc.) and few come even close. I recommend you give Dingbats a try; it's worth it.

Perfect New Bullet Journal

This is my first time purchasing a Dingbats product and I'm really happy with it so far! I've been using it for a few weeks as my weekly reflection journal and keep it on my night stand. The green cover is so pretty and it's very sturdy! Thank you!

The perfect bullet journal exists

This notebook is a literal gamechanger. I’ve been journaling for 6 years now and discovered this brand 2 years ago. I will never go back to any other notebook.

I’ve gotten friends and family to switch to these and no one has regretted it. From the quality of the paper to the weight in your hand to the feel of the vegan leather it’s perfect and you won’t ever find anything like it that is this budget friendly.

And let’s not even start with their pledge to the environment because that’s far more than you would expect from any company. These notebooks are a love letter to scrapbookers, writers and artists worldwide.

Karly Richlinski
Best notebooks ever!

I’ve been using Dingbats notebooks for journaling for years, and they’re just the best. The quality of the paper is amazing and the outside covers are always so cute too!

LOVE these notebooks

started journaling heavily a couple years back and this is the notebook I keep coming back to. The pages are very sleek and thick (no pen bleed through), this notebook feels sturdy and very high quality. I genuinely don't think I'll be using any other kind of notebook for making my planners and for journaling. Don't usually write reviews but worth every penny!

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