Dingbats* Earth Lime Yasuni Journal - Dotted (A5+ 16x21.5cm)

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Robert Little
fits most of my bujo needs

I love the paper quality. I'm not comfortable with thinner papers, either from the bleed-through perspective, or from the actual pen-to-paper experience. Neither of these are a problem with this journal.

I like the page numbers (slightly faint for my aging eyes) and the index section. I don't use future logs for the most part, so I re-purpose those pages.

The nature/environmental aspect also appeals to my earthbound person.

I'm stingy with five-star reviews, where everything pretty much has to be perfect. Four stars here, for the minor takeaways mentioned. Otherwise highly recommended!

Yasuni Earth Notebook

This is the 4th notebook I've brought from Dingbats and I'm just as happy with it as I was the first time! The only two things I'll say is that I wish there were more colours in the Earth notebook series and that they didn't come with a plastic wrapping.

Heather V
Perfect for Bullet Journaling

I genuinely love this notebook and won't buy a different one for my bullet journaling. It's the perfect size, the pocket at the back is handy, the pages are a good thickness so no pens that I use bleed, it has page numbers and tab markers, and I can easily find my place with the ribbons. Not to mention it's a responsible, sustainable purchase.

Aithne Loeblich
Great journal! Unexpected color!!

Love my new Dingbats notebook. I got earth lime one which was surprisingly more orange colored and not neon lime green which i thought it might be.
Love it for Bullet Journaling! I only wish there were more colors and the pages were slightly thicker. I can't use fine point sharpies in it as the pens bleed through.

My favorite journals!

I own two Dingbats journals and they are easily my favorite journals of all time! I use them for bullet journaling, and my most recent purchase was the Earth Lime Yasuni Journal (can I just say, the color is so beautiful), which I will be using for 2021. The quality is great, and they hold up super well; I am pretty rough and I bring my journal with me everywhere too. Personally, I don't really use the intro pages or the future log pages, but that is just my own preference. Overall, amazing notebook!

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