"Dingbats* donates 2% of all UK revenue to the WWF"
"Turn your bullet journaling into a whale of a time."
"Top quality notebooks made using degradable materials."
"The best notebook with perforated pages"
The first of its kind

We're green

Sharing Our Passion In A Green Way!

Smooth surface:

The Earth and Wildlife collections produced with an FP, silky smooth surface finish that allows the fountain pen and artist pens to fly over the page

Pro Collection:

Exclusively crafted with the finest MM 160gsm writing and art paper around, our optimum pad has been in the making for five generations. The collection aims to satisfy the most demanding artists and calligraphers, suitable for heavier inks, markers, watercolor, and other mixed media techniques.

Vanguard paper blends:

Every notebook gets equipped with either the FP* Paper or MM** Paper offering a silky smooth texture preventing leakage from ink and has a higher opacity for minimal shadowing.
*FP: Fountain Pen
**MM: Mixed Media

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2% of our UK revenue goes directly to WWF-UK


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