About us

What we’re all about:

The short of it

Masterfully crafted, expertly designed — oh and did we mention that we’re as eco-friendly as we can possible be? At Dingbats*, doing things the right way is top dog: our notebooks are handmade, and as we’re wonderfully particular when it comes to sourcing, all our notebooks are FSC approved. We use core materials that are always biodegradable, valiantly vegan and 100% recyclable, so you can rest assured that your Dingbats* is the perfect companion to carry with you through this world we all love. 

216 years in the making...

The big picture

Just happy to be part of something greater. Though the Dingbats* journey officially began back in March 2016, our passion stems from a long family tradition that proudly celebrates craftmanship, quality and ingenuity. As part of SKB, the oldest established company in Lebanon, trading and converting premium paper goods has been our thing for five generations now (since 1800). And today, we still draw on this expertise in everything we produce; from top-quality notebooks to backpacks and pens. 

What sets us apart?

Well, we believe in giving people a more sustainable way forward. We know that life is lived fuller when what you think, feel, love and create never goes un-noted. And in our fast-moving lives where the importance of creative tradition is so easily forgotten, we trust in the simple pleasure of putting pen to paper.

Our Tribe

We belong to a tribe that knows future possibility is etched to a deep respect for the bigger picture. That’s why the very first notebooks we launched had some of our planet’s most incredible animals resolutely debossed on their covers. From the bear and the deer to the whale and the kangaroo, a Dingbats* celebrates nature while actively supporting it.

Because when you zoom out and look at earth from above, it’s the beauty of it all that resonates. This essential knowledge is where Dingbats* draws inspiration from, and we’re thrilled to be providing high-quality, sustainable products for like-minded people who share our love and passion for the natural world. 

Message from the Founder

“My great great grandfather established one of the first paper shops in Lebanon in the early 19th century, trading high quality paper more or less continuously from then until the present day. I passionately believe that there’s still a place for this most traditional of materials in today’s high speed, digital world. Sometimes you need something that’s more tactile – more personal. Our wide range of Dingbats* Notebooks lets you choose the design, material and colour that reflects your own personality.”

– Jamal Bekdache –

Environmental Credentials

To learn more about our environmental credentials and dedication to the environment, click here.

Affiliate Companies

* Société Kamel Bekdache et Fils SAL (SKB) Paper and Board Specialist
* Bekdache Printing and Media Supplies - Traditional and Digital Fine arts supplies Digital Media