How to recycle your pens?

Wrapped with care

Naturally, we go out of our way to make sure everything Dingbats* is as environmentally friendly as can be. That goes for our pens too! When yours arrives, you’ll notice colourful little dots on the packaging―that’s because the paper we use is always 100% recycled

Ready for renewal 

Magic number #5. Robust and recyclable, Dingbats* pens are made from biodegradable plastic #5 (polypropylene), meaning if you ever need to throw one away, you can easily take it to your local recycling facility.

Starting over

Fortunately, plastic #5 can be turned into a whole range of cool new things: from battery cables, brooms and brushes to pallets, trays and bicycle racks, so you don’t have to worry about your creative projects creating waste.

More recycling tips

If you’re UK-based like us, you can check right here for more information on where to recycle in your area. If you live a little further afield, or would like more info on recycling by post, then why not discover tips for greener disposal on some of these other useful sites we love: - US - Australia

Waste Online - UK