Adventure awaits, pack it all in with Dingbats*

Discover the joy of travel journaling with our exclusive Travel Bundle

Travel isn't just about the destinations you reach. It's about the journey you make and the memories you create. With our specially curated Travel Essentials Bundle, you are all set to pack in all the adventure, ink the unseen, and BuJo on-the-go!

What's in the Bundle?

Let's uncover what's in store before you set off on your next adventure. Your travel companion comes with:

Dingbats* Recycled PET 25L Backpack

Tailored for travels! Carry all of your travel essentials in style with our sleek, eco-friendly and comfortable backpack.

A Dingbats Notebook A5+Earth Collection

Preserve every moment on Earth. Our eco-friendly, durable notebook is perfect for jotting down thoughts on-the-go, sketching landscapes, or planning your next adventure.Check out the travel-friendly sizes and pick your favourite color.

Atopen dual tip & fineliners

Scribe the stillness, sketch the scenic.No notebook is complete without an ideal writing equipment. These high-quality dual tip pens and fineliners offer vivid shades and a smooth writing experience at all times.

Lite Bundle

This easy-to-carry bundle is curated for those who like to pack light on their travels and bring loads of experiences back with them. It comes with.

A Dingbats Notebook Wild Life Collection, A6

Quality Pens

Why Travel Journaling?

Your travel experiences are too big for photos to say it all. The process of journaling brings you closer to each moment of your journey. Because you can ...

Document your experiences and preserve those memories forever

Unleash your creativity by sketching the beautiful sights you encounter

Reflect on your journey and the personal growth each experience offered you.

Preserve local recommendations, memorable encounters and list hidden touristic gems.

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